Project Summary

A passive building using 1 x 6 tight knot channel cedar, cement fiber lap, and cement fiber panel siding & soffits.

Project included high-performance products including Tremco liquid applied water & air barrier and Prosoco sealant for an efficient building envelope assembly.


Builder Expectations

This modern siding installation project was with a longtime customer and we’ve completed many project of similar scope and requirements for them. Priorities for the builder were:

  • performance
  • aesthetics
  • efficiency


Project Details

The project was designed to qualify as a passive-rated house. We employed a labor force with the highest skill set to reach that goal.

Our Process

Most of our projects go through a similar process: feasibility, budgeting, plan review, bidding, permits, scheduling, pre-construction meetings, construction, inspection, punch list, and close out.

Townhome Modern Siding Installation


Liquid-applied weather-barrier is rolled on to the exterior sheathing. All vertical and horizontal seams are taped and the liquid is applied with rollers. This is followed by the window installation using the prescribed sealants.

Following a visual inspection, metal flashing, cork board insulation, and then pressure treated battens are installed vertically at the studs to create a rain screen siding system. This is followed by installing other metal reveals/trim, cedar and cement fiber lap and panel siding.

The panels are finished with spackle and caulk, ready for painting.

Building Envelope for Townhome in Renton

Siding Materials Used:

  • James Hardie Panels
  • 12” James HardieLap siding
  • 1 x 6 TKChannel cedar
  • 1 x 6 TK T&G Cedar
  • Tremco and Prosoco liquid applied water & air barrier
  • 3 inch cork as insulation
  • Closed rain screen system
  • X corner flashing matched for this project
  • Stainless steel fasteners

Follow Up with Client

Upon completion we cleaned the area of any remaining construction material and reviewed the project with the builder. Any items not up to our standards were remedied.

The project is complete when we are positive that the client is fully satisfied with our work.

Building Envelope Townhome Complex in Renton



The passive-house tests were voluntary, yet meticulous. Using several methods, the home is tested for any leaks and holes in the air barrier.

Thanks to the quality of material used, the skills of our labor force, attention to detail, and a thorough inspection process during construction, the home passed these tests with flying colors.